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Partner Companies-ENG

Partner Companies-ENG
CONTAGAS-Shipping valves to Barcelona

Destination: Barcelona

Material ready and prepared to be sent to Barcelona  🚚 📦📋

ON-OFF Valves and Control Valves (PN100) for High Temperature and High Pressure with bellows seal.

Valvole Hofmann together with CONTAGAS offers solutions to customers for control and regulation valves.

You can find more solutions for fluid control in our Valvole Hofmann product range.

At CONTAGAS, we offer the best solutions, being focused on providing the best advice and service from our facilities.

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CONTAGAS, Official Partner of Pietro Fiorentini Iberia

From April 1, 2022, Pietro Fiorentini is established in the peninsula as Pietro Fiorentini Iberia to provide a more direct service to the Spanish and Portuguese markets.

We are at a very important moment of change for the energy sector, with great developments in the fields of smart meters, hydrogen and biomethane, among others. Pietro Fiorentini, as a global strategic company in the energy sector, wants to be directly part of these new developments.

For the rest of the teams, CONTAGAS will continue to be the official partner of Pietro Fiorentini in Spain and will continue to attend to its clients, in all queries related to products and services offered by the Pietro Fiorentini group, with the same quality as always.

CONTAGAS has been a historical distributor of Pietro Fiorentini since 1976 of gas regulation, control and measurement equipment and continues to be its official partner.

At CONTAGAS, our goal is that our clients continue to receive the best product and the best service, both from Pietro Fiorentini and from all those other distributors that CONTAGAS offers.

The new General Director of CONTAGAS, Antonio Cuadra, states:

“At CONTAGAS we continue to work with our partner, Pietro Fiorentini, with all our effort and enthusiasm, offering the best quality of product and service, with a commercial presence throughout the peninsula.”

Maria Presas, General Manager until today, becomes Executive Adviser and, although she also becomes the new CEO of Pietro Fiorentini Iberia, she will continue to be closely linked to CONTAGAS.

Antonio Cuadra

Maria Presas
Excecutive Adviser

Jordi Presas

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Notícia Enviament TIV-ENG

Supply for a thermal power plant

We have a new supply of TIV Valves ready for a thermal power plant in Spain.

At CONTAGAS we work on what we like and are passionate about, which is to provide the best solutions and the best service to our clients. Our satisfaction is to have every day more customers satisfied with our work and team. And thanks to this, we keep on learning more every day to continue improving.

TIV Valves and CONTAGAS, your trusted partner in valves.

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