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Our TIV Valves is an Italian manufacturer in the group Pietro Fiorentini; it specializes in the design and manufacturing of ball valves and provides a wide range of standard and special solutions to the oil&gas and energy sectors.

Our portfolio with TIV Valves offers, apart from its wide range of standard valves, tailored applications and engineered technical solutions for upstream, midstream, downstream, offshore, onshore and subsea projects.

TIV Valves was founded in 2010 and in 2018 it extended its production capacity with a plant located in Rescaldina (Milan) with a surface of 25.000 m2, 10.000 m2 of which is production area. This allows TIV to have a lifting capacity of up to 90 tons and a manufacture and and test capability up to 60”, being able to carry out pressure tests up to 2.000 bar.

The quality of its valves and its many quality certifications and product certificates show its high quality standards and TIV is today a reference for many important customers worldwide.

Over the years the R&D department at TIV Valves has evolved and worked hand in hand with end users and engineering firms around the world to develop customised products with specific design solutins for the different above mentioned sectors.

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logo TIV Valves - Fiorentini

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