Arcoda Next, collaboration beween on-field teams and back-office

With Arcoda Next, the field operator becomes an active part of the company’s database maintenance and enrichment processes.

Among its various functions, the Next application allows distribution network operators to collect valuable information directly on-field with their smartphone and send it to the company’s back-office. The operator thus takes a more active role in the processes of maintaining and enriching the company database, participating in the digital evolution of the organisation.

Reduce costs and improve the quality of services provided by promoting collaboration between field-based teams and the back-office.

The area operator observes the actual state of the network and its assets from a privileged point of view, and is the one who can first and foremost recognise situations that require an intervention or update. With Arcoda Next his contribution will be maximised; by using only a smartphone, the technician will be able to suggest corrections to the mapping and GIS data directly from the site, as well as report inconsistencies, anomalies and critical problems, such as leaking connections, incorrect diameters, assets foreseen in the mapping but not detected, etc.

Digital reports produced with Next by field-based operators reach the company’s system already geo-referenced or combined with the network assets in question, accompanied by annotations, photographs and map clippings. Everything is traceable and designed to be easily inserted into digital data management processes from the site itself. Collaboration is encouraged, processes are accelerated and errors are reduced.

Census campaigns, periodic and extraordinary inspections.

Territory reports are a useful tool to carry out census campaigns or periodic or extraordinary inspections on network objects: the information arrives at the back-office already digitised, ready to be reviewed and filed, avoiding the need to resort to paper forms.

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