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Workforce Management

Workforce Management

Workforce Management

TWFM (Terranova Workforce Management) is a highly versatile platfform to manage workforce that has been specially designed for the gas, electricity and water sectors.

TWFM provides a greater control over the planning, coordination and execution of operations by simplifying complex processes. Our software gives on-field teams the confidence to complete quickly and accurately localised activities, satisfies service level agreements and complies with regulations.

TWFM is ideal for a smart team management, to lower structure expenses, to increase efficiency, to improve staff engagement and to reduce employee turnover.

Product features


  User profiling


✓  Scalability


  System integration  –  TWFM can be easily integrated into existing or complex inherited implementation to backup its work order requests.

   Native integration – integrate easily with our advanced automatic remote metering and monitoring platform (TAMM) and our on-site powerful software system (Mobile GIS) to support your digital tranformation and meet your sustainability goals.

Area of use / Activities subject to software support

✓  Management of meter activity

✓   Management of mass meter replacement activities

✓  Management of maintenance activities and asset inspection (asset data, calendaros, activity execution, cost alocation…)

Management of emergency response activities (activity execution, collection of data and regulatory reports)

✓  Management of work orders from the final customer

✓  Management of on-field budget creation

✓  Management of work orders (allocation of goods and services)

✓  Management of reading orders

✓  Management of area signaling

  Management of smart grid alarms

arcoda NEXT-logo

Field-based teams support

Arcoda Next is a mobile solution to share roaming data on the smartphones of field-based staff, even in case of no internet connection or server unavailability.

It is easy to use and offers an exceptional performance thanks to its independent operation. This Android application provides the teams with cartography, data and any necessary documents for the execution of technical on-site activity. It also provides innovative augmented reality technology modules which extend its functionality. Operators’ smartphones will show overlay holograms for network assets with a real image precision through their phone cameras, offering the teams an unprecedented operation mode.

Product features

 Offline operation for a maximum service continuity in any situation

  High performance

  Easily integrated into company systems

✓   Network and realtive asset vision in augmented reality

    Centralizarion of the information coming from on-site

Area of use / Activities subject to software support

  Maintenance services

  Fast intervention

  Management of supply cuts

  Scheduled inspections

 Communication towards and from on-field operating units

  Network emergencies

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