SAT Mechanics

Our mechanical assistance teams carry out the start-up, maintenance and repairs of the equipment either installed on our customer’s site or in our facilities.

They work on ERMs, in combined cycle power plants, thermal plants or cogeneration plants.

SAT Electronics

In order to provide assistance and continuous service to our customers, CONTAGAS owns a laboratory for metrological calibrations and electronic repairs with highly qualified staff and modern standards for pressure and temperature, standard gases with traceability proven in ENAC laboratories and the latest technology in tools.

This allows us, among other operations, to calibrate/verify pressure and temperature equipments as well as verify gas converters and portable explosimeters and check all the equipment supplied by CONTAGAS in addition to providing assistance for any supplied equipment.

Spare parts

As an Official Technical Service we provide original spare parts for all the equipment we supply.

We have a large stock to serve the required parts as soon as possible.