Pietro Fiorentini purchases TIV Valves


Pietro Fiorentini announces that on 5 April 2019 it acquired the majority stake of TIV Valves, an Italian manufacturer of ball valves for the oil and gas industry, based in Rescaldina (in the province of Milan).

"We are very excited about this new acquisition, which meets our strategic and operational need to focus increasingly on valve production and will allow us to grow significantly in the coming years. Thanks to the new site in Rescaldina, we will also be able to expand our valve production range to include also larger diameters, and the site will become our specialised factory for the production of ball valves"

TIV was established in 2010 and has extensive proven experience, as it is also an approved Supplier of Shell Global Solutions International B.V., with a Business Framework Agreement in place since 2011. TIV has a new production plant in Rescaldina (Milan).

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