Fiorentini compra Fast Spa

Our main represented company Pietro Fiorentini has announced the acquisition of 60% of FAST Spa, an Italian company responsible for the manufacture of process control and automation systems for the industry and utilities production, management and distribution services.

Since 1982, FAST has been active in the field of control technologies, developing products and integrated solutions for process optimisation. FAST’s products use advanced hardware and software technologies with the aim of simplifying the work of operators and thus reducing the percentage of human error. The firm works with many multi-utility companies and major international actors in the industrial market.

The entry of FAST into the Pietro Fiorentini Group will allow CONTAGAS to offer intelligent solutions for the digitization of gas distribution and transportation networks. These solutions will be a good complement to our range of electronic products for gas measurement, regulation and control, reinforcing the software solutions developed by our technology partner, Terranova.

This is a transaction that represents a decisive step in the consolidation of the leadership position of the Pietro Fiorentini Group and CONTAGAS in the fields of smart metering and smart grids.

You can see the full news here.

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