GROTH Corporation has specialised in the oil and gas industries since it began operations in 1960.

In the nearly 60 years since then, they have developed safety solutions for refineries and petrochemical tank farms around the world, whether in upstream exploration, midstream transportation or downstream processing.

Safety products expertly designed and tested to protect all segments of your facility, such as relief valves, flame control, vents, hatches and more.

Highly trained test technicians pass each GROTH valve model through its TUV-certified Flow Test Laboratory, where they are certified on-site with third-party oversight.

Throughout the design process, GROTH models are meticulously tested to meet ISO 16852 standards. Whether you need in-line, horizontal, ATEX or USCG certified valves, you can count on GROTH valves to protect your facility and your bottom line.

GROTH’s high-precision safety products are ideal, cost-effective solutions for your facility’s fire prevention, emission control and media loss prevention needs.