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FIO: Smart add-on for gas pressure regulators

FIO: Smart add-on for gas pressure regulators

FIO is an advanced system that allows a smart management of regulation stations in natural gas supply networks. FIO allows to monitor, measure and control gas networks from dispatching.

It is designed to be applied to any gas pressure regulator.

It integrates 5 functions in one device:

  • Indifect Flow measurement [IFM]: without the need of a meter, FIO measures flow by means of correlation calculations of pressure, temperature and plug displacement.
  • Outlet Pressure Control [OPC]: the outlet pressure control and adjustement is made remotely or locally, in agreement with a daily/weekly schedule or to compensate for demand load.
  • Flow Rate Limitation [FL]: FIO modifies the outlet pressure to keep the flow below a configurable threshold. It replaces traditional invasive mechanical devices for limitation and avoids pressure drops under standard operation conditions
  • Remote Monitoring [RM]: FIO allows a remote monitoring of all key parameters for functional and safe management of the station. Parameters which can be controlled include: inlet and outlet pressure, safety valve, filter obstruction, monitoring, control takeover of the station, VIS shot, intrusion and gas leakage.
  • End User Management [EUM] which is the remote interruption of supply to a user in case of emergency or of overdue payments.

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