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TWFM – Terranova Work Force Management

TWFM – Terranova Work Force Management



Field-based work force management

Product features:

  • Multi-service
  • Users profiling
  • Modularity
  • Scalability
  • Simplicity
  • System integration –  TWFM is easily integrated in existing or complex legacy implementations to back up work order requests.
  • Native integration – integrate easily with our automatic remote metering and management platform (TAMM) and our powerful field-based information system (Mobile GIS) to support your digital transformation and meet sustainability goals.

      TWFM (Terranova Work force Management) is a platform for work force management, highly versatile and especially designed for gas, electricity and water companies.

      TWFM provides more control over operations planning, coordination and execution and simplifies complex processes. Our software gives field teams the confidence to complete localized activities quickly and accutately, to meet service agreeements and to comply with regulations.

      TWFM is ideal to manage work force smartly, to reduce structure costs, increase efficiency, improve workforce commitment and job satisfaction and reduce staff rotation.


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